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Byford Kinesiology is Donna Rowe

Donna Rowe with Sheila & Zac, much loved pets

Byford Kinesiology is about helping people get off the never ending rollercoaster ride of “Why does this always keep happening to me?”


I will provide a safe, understanding environment, to assist in identifying why you continue those repeat patterns of behaviour.  I will help release those debilitating issues, enabling you to progress forward into a happy, healthy and loving future.


— Kylie

"Donna has done amazing work on my fibromyalgia, I've been able to come off most of my pain medication, I have more energy and feel so much happier in myself. I highly recommend Kinesiology for fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression. I work with Donna and my doctors and we're getting great results."

The following is a little bit about me, Donna and why I became a kinesiologist


I struggled on and off with depression in varying degrees since I was a teenager.  I tried many different things to help me feel "normal" - doctors, psychologist, hypnotherapy, meditation, medication, massage, natural therapist, etc. all of which helped me out short term, but never had long lasting effects.  I found it hard to sitck to anything that made a difference, I found it easier to stay where I was.  Blaming somebody else for my issues meant I didn't have to be responsible for the things that I was doing in my life.


Mid 2010, I found myself in a big black hole and feeling very sorry for myself.  While holidaying in Victoria and telling my story to anybody who would listen, a lady suggested I see a kinesiologist on my return home to Western Australia. A month or so went past and I came across some advertising for a kinesiologist that was practicing within walking distance from my home, so I rang and made an appointment.

The results for me were instant, I felt a release from years of pent up anger and sadness.  I walked home that day and actually noticed the trees and the birds, I felt the sun on may face.  It was like I was present for the first time in my life.  I continued to go every couple of weeks feeling better each time, with noticeable improvements commented on by family and friends.  Kinesiology changed my life, so I decided this was what I wanted to do for others.


In August 2011, I commenced studying kinesiology at O'Neill Kinesiology in Myaree, Western Australia and I completed my Advanced Diploma in Kinesiology in December 2014, I have never looked back.

Since then I have sought further growth to expand my knowledge to become of further service to those that would also like to grow and enjoy this human existence we call life.

2016 - Transforming DNA Memories - Sylvia Marina of Sylvia Marina

2016 - Access BARS - Sara Walker of New Vibe

2016 - Integrative Five Element Acupressure Level 1 - John Kirkwood of The Acupressure Centre

2017 - Integrative Five Element Acupressure Level 2 - John Kirkwood of The Acupressure Centre

2017 - Mental Health First Aid - Sydel Weinstein of Mental Health First Aid Station

2018 - doTERRA Aroma Touch Technique - John & Noel of Shantistar

2019 - Tera-Mai Reiki Seichem Level 1 - Kathryn Capey 

2019 - Violet Flame of St Germaine & Angels of Violet Fire Attunement - Kathryn Capey

2019 - Divine Destiny - Ty Hungerford & Inna (Segal) Hungerford

Choose the path that is right for you.  Your life your choice!!

You always have a choice.

Choose the path that's right for you!!