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Wow just wow! Donna you are incredible at what I do 🙏🏻 I'm so glad I met you at the positive mind expo and had a session with you. You unblocked what was blocking me and I'm so grateful thank you ❤️😘

Natalia Bradley

I had a lovely session with Donna. She is sincerely caring, very personable and knowledgeable. I found her feedback to be very accurate and helpful. Thank you Donna for such a wonderful experience :)

Ash White

Just had it done at the Bedfordale markets and OMG, wow, amazing, I feel so much better thanks Donna.

Robyne Breakwell

"I've struggled with rather brutal period pain for years and years.  My kinesiologist Donna, said that she could help with it. Today is the 3rd day into my period time, normally on the second day I'd be barely able to get out of bed, would need that day off work or would cancel plans.

I'm so excited & amazed and believe that the work you did on me Donna, worked. I had no pain, I felt slightly ..tired.. not interested in going anywhere, but NO PAIN!!!!!!  You told me women have said how kinesiology changed their lives.. I am now joining that list, you have changed mine.  I'm hopeful that it can only get better, insane gratitude."

Sally Schiel

The following comment is the response a mum relayed to me from her nearly 4 year old.

"My little girl told me she LOVES you and says you fixed her heart because it feels happy now ❤️ bless 😇"

Ebony Agent

"Donna has done amazing work on my fibromyalgia, I've been able to come off most of my pain medication, I have more energy and feel so much happier in myself. I highly recommend Kinesiology for fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression. I work with Donna and my doctors and we're getting great results."

Kylie Miller

"A session with Donna is both nurturing and comforting. In her uniquely caring way Donna supports you in unveiling issues that are holding you back from being who you truly are. To have an appointment with Donna is a blessing to your soul as you acknowledge that you are ready to move forward and embrace the life you want to live. Take my word, go see her now!"

Adam Barralet

"I had a session with Donna when I was feeling emotional and out of alignment. I immediately felt at ease when I entered her beautiful space. Donna has such a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom, as well as an ability to reach right into the cause of the imbalance with the tools and techniques to support self healing. I highly recommend her services."

Lisa Brandis

"Wow , I can't put into words the changes I feel from just one session and the "clarification on life.  Highly recommend, can't wait for my next session."

Michelle Hyatt

"Just wanted to say a “BIG THANK YOU”, had the best sleep last night that I have had for months, no pain in my hips."

Pam Allsop

"Yesterday I had a Kinesiology session with Donna from Byford Kinesiology.  Donna was working on my muscles to strengthen them due to this Myathenia Gravis that I have.  I mentioned to her that I also have Bursitis in both my hips which gives me severe pain at night, last night I had no pain at all.  Kinesiology is amazing and can help you heal in so many ways.  Donna is caring and dedicated to making a difference in your life, helping your body heal from physical and mental pain that it has taken on.  Thank you Donna for helping me make these wonderful changes in my life!"  

Lyn Seedy

"I cannot say enough about this amazing woman. Since starting my Kinesiology journey a few months ago, Donna has helped and guided me through every up and down along the way.  It has been one of the most enlightening, rewarding and magical experiences I've ever had.  I am so thankful to have met Donna, she truly has a gift and I feel so incredibly blessed that I have experienced it first hand.  I am looking forward to the future for the first time in my life!" 

Ebony Agent

"What can i say ??  I may have fallen a little bit in love with Donna at my first session.  I am not able to put into words the way I feel after a session with Donna.  It's taken my life to the next level, in the BEST possible way, that is the only way I am able to put it. Love, love, love xo 10/10 recommend!"  

Sally Schiel

"Simply brilliant is how would describe Donna and her many talents. I have found kinesiology so helpful but most of all Donna is so patient and helpful. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone."  

Michelle Rigg

"Donna is a wonderful Kinesiologist she has taken me from being a very insecure person with many health issues to a person who is confident and self assured, more importantly Donna is a beautiful person who gives freely of herself to others and I am pleased to call her my friend as well as my practitioner."  

Karen Culbertson

"Donna is one really lovely person who is very professional and is very skilled in what she does. I felt completely relaxed and a lot more balanced after my session.  I would recommend Donna for everyone. Kinesiology really does help with improving ones wellbeing."  

Frances Morgan

"Donna is a beautiful soul, I cannot put into words how much she has changed my life for the better.  Her room is such a relaxing place, if you need help to continue on your journey in this life book a session with her you will never look back, past hurts and anger become clear as Donna gives you the tools to heal yourself, thank you so much Donna."

Lyn Seedy

"I went to see Donna on the advice from a close friend who was worried about me, I was depressed and suffered from paranoia and my work and family life was suffering.  I went once a fortnight for 7 months where I was able to overcome my depression and I can't even remember why I was paranoid.  All my relationships have blossomed and I have grown an inner voice that I had forgotten I had. Thank you Donna for all the help you gave me I felt like our sessions were tailor made for me.  Donna really listened to what I needed."

Rick Perry

"Donna is amazing!! Can't recommend her enough. She is such a warm and gifted woman, and her treatment room is so tranquil. I always leave feeling wonderful and at peace. ♡♡."  

Stace Kenneth

"I have found Donna's knowledge of the body and her empathy amazing, I would recommend Byford Kinesiology to any one. I have found her wisdom invaluable in building the strength I needed to include in my budding successful business. I would happily recommend Donna to any of my clients."  

Kez Wickham St George

"I have had a few Kinesiology Sessions with Donna & have found Donna to be very Kind, Caring, Understanding & Professional. Donna has helped me to understand & confront past hurts & pain suppressed from childhood, I did'nt know I was still holding on to. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 20 yrs & just recently my ankle is so much better I am now able to walk without pain & wear sandals! Yay. Thank you Donna you are amazing at what you do, something certainly shifted after my last session with you."  

Karen Ford

"I Just had another amazing Kinesiology Session with the beautiful Donna Rowe from Byford Kinesiology, Wow just brilliant, highly recommend Donna to anyone. I've started to feel the benefits almost immediately.  I have had a few serious health issues for the past few years and 12 months ago I had a stroke to top it all off. Today I am doing so much better than I was and I'll tell anyone who'll listen that I feel the best I've felt in years. I swear my Kinesiology sessions & Donna have been instrumental in helping with my recovery."  

Carolyn McAndrew

"If you don't know what Kinesiology is, then DONT just glance & walk past Donna's stall when you see her set up at an expo!  Do what I did, and have a try.... just as I did. I was quite blown away!!  And from there, I have been seeing Donna regularly, who has helped settle my menopause systems immensely, as well as other matters. Donna is so genuine.  I can assure you, you will feel the difference after a few sessions with Donna.  Kinesiology is imperative for our bodies and our mind. It is soul food!!!  Don't hesitate, and Jdo yourself a favour.... I did."  

Kerrie Zanevra

"Thanks Donna, what an amazing experience looking forward to making Kinesiology apart of my life, thanks for making me feel relaxed and at ease with you its hard for me to open up to anyone and I instantly felt comfortable with you." 

Katherine Cairns

"Amazing lady so caring in her approach and I can't believe the difference.  It has had a positive impact on how I am feeling I never knew what it was but it has definitely worked for me.  I suggest you take the time to get some healing done by Donna, she's got something that I never knew existed, a wonderful gift.  Thankyou for your help, I will see you again for sure."  

Linda Perkins

"Most amazing treatments, would highly recommend seeing Donna!"  

Kelly Promnitz

"It has certainly been a game changer in my life, so glad to be going to see Donna."  

Kez Wickham St George

"After my session's with Donna I have progressively noticed so many positive changes within myself emotionally and physically.  I have suffered with painful hips that prevents me from doing certain exercises that I love, we have shifted so much of the 'stuff' I have stored there and I'm pleased to say that my pain has almost completely subsided :-D Donna has helped me to shift old beliefs and patterns that have mentally held me back year after year... no more seasonal depression, insecurities or guilt. Thank you Donna for your loving service, I highly recommend your services to all seeking to improve their lives on any & all levels!"  

Gemma Thurling

"Thank you Donna, for my first ever Kinesiology session, I was very impressed in what it brought to the forefront. I am looking forward to our next session." ♥  

Michelle Windram

"Donna is a truly gifted healer that selflessly focuses on client healing and development.  I have made incredible progression in my own personal development through Donna’s care which has helped me identify and remove personal barriers that could not be previously addressed through other modalities. I highly recommend Donna and the caring and truthful healing that she provides."  

Brad Promnitz

"I would like to wholeheartedly thank Donna for the amazing job she has done for me.  Before I came to her I was spending most of my day depressed, highly anxious, unhappy and generally run down with a lot of body pains. I am now on the right track to feeling happy and free again. I haven't felt the way I do now for many years! I've had family members and close friends comment on the change in me and I can only thank Donna and kinesiology for that!" 

Courtney Johnson

"I would like to thank Donna for everything you have done for me.  You have worked wonders on me and I think you are such a warm, loving, gifted lady."  

Stace Kenneth

"Thank you for inviting me to participate in your kinesiology research assignment. I was a bit nervous at first, having never had kinesiology before, I didn’t know what to expect.  However, your warm, friendly, genuine qualities were immediately felt upon meeting you and I felt reassured and safe in your care.  I look forward to continuing with you when I return to Perth in July.  With much love & gratitude."  
Emily Primrose

"As a relative of Donna’s, I initially became a client simply to give Donna confidence and experience.  To my surprise I received positive results in the form of pain relief for a permanent disability.  I am now a regular client and am having positive results for a range of niggling problems that are more obvious with age (67yrs).  I have gone from being unsure about Kinesiology to being confident enough to recommend Kinesiology and Donna to anyone."  

Ted Rowe

"A big thank you to you Donna for your kindness and professionalism you showed during my Kinesiology session I had with you.  When I came to see you I was full of hurt after going through a painful breakup. I wasn't entirely convinced that you could help wrong I was.  I left your office feeling like a total weight had been lifted off my shoulders....I had clarity and a sense of peace and worth ...something that I hadn't felt for a long time.
I will refer you to my many friends and colleagues as I'm proof that Kinesiology works so well in so many ways.  Since my session with you I've not looked back into those dark days and life is great!! Many thanks."   

Karyn Klimczak

"A big thank you from the bottom of my heart Donna for your gift.  At 59, depressed, low self-esteem, life falling apart, I thought I was helpless.  Through kinesiology I am on a journey back to me.  I have had the courage to get a job and face some of my demons, with your caring support and professionalism.  I always look forward to my next session.  With love."  
Denise Jones
"I first went to see Donna for a session out of curiosity, as I knew very little about kinesiology at all.  To my complete surprise my first session was just amazing!  I could not believe the things that were coming up and the fact that all of this information was coming from my own body. Donna is very professional, warm and caring.  She makes you feel totally comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire session and you will walk away feeling fantastic.  It still amazes me today the things that come up in my sessions.  Thank you Donna, it truly is a gift."  
Skye Jones
"I had my first ever Kinesiology session with Donna over a year ago now, before that I took a reiki course with her & from the moment I met her I could feel how much love she has to give this life.  Not knowing what to expect, Donna explained Kinesiology to me in a manner in which I could understand and also feel very comfortable about. She puts in every ounce of love & energy she has into her sessions, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a great gift to this world xx"  
Kate Millane
"I've just finished 5 weeks with Donna working on my lower back pain. I've had HUGE shifts within the 5 weeks and have gone from very limited movement to being able to bend down with my hands flat on the ground. Donna has a warmth about her, she genuinely loves what she does and her passion comes through. I'm so incredibly thankful Donna, you have helped me shift what I needed to shift for my greater good."   
Jade Pledger
I  “To thine oneself be true.”    For without personal power  life can be a  frightening and painful experience.    Polonius


“To thine oneself be true.”


For without personal power

life can be a

frightening and painful experience.